Tom's Dangerous Magical Adventure

Tom's Dangerous Magical Adventure eBook Bundle

Once upon a time there was a boy called Tom, who was a wheelchair user. Tom discovers something amazing. But the Robo Green Grasshopper (who is the ultimate baddie) traps Tom.
What will become of him?  Read the book to find out what happens next…


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chapter 6 The Green Grasshopper

The Green Grasshopper

In Chapter 6, we discover that the earth is in danger:

Tom’s mum and dad said there was an emergency – it’s the Green Grasshopper (he’s a baddie).

“Oh no!” cried Tom. “He’s beginning to destroy the world.”

So dad said “You go to the Tough Rabbit’s base right now.”

“This very second” said Mum.

What is the Tough Rabbit?

Can Tom save the world from the evil Green Grasshopper?

About Ben

Ben is aged 9 and lives in Sheringham in Norfolk.

Ben and his identical twin Alex were born prematurely at 29 weeks. Both boys were seriously ill and heartbreakingly Alex passed away after just 4 days.

Ben had suffered a bleed to the brain. He was diagnosed with Spastic Diplegia Cerebral Palsy at 2 years old.

Despite his disability, Ben is a happy, friendly boy, who takes a great interest in the world around him.

Ben decided that he wanted to help fund the operation that will change his life. Being an avid reader, Ben decided that he should write a book. Not just any book. This book would have a magical and fantastical storyline.

The book has not been edited. It has not been redrafted. It is presented exactly as Ben intends. Although he is now 9, Ben started working on the book when he was only 8. 

This is a book written by a young boy, for other young children. We hope you enjoy the adventure.

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